Expect the unexpected…..

April 30th, 2012

Being a photographer means that occasionally, I have to expect the unexpected. Sometimes I embrace it, sometimes it throws me a little off guard.

In February, as Ian was coming towards the end of his Post Production course, he asked if I could go into college and take some photos of everyone. Like any good wifey would, I agreed. Throughout his course, I had heard stories about one of his lecturers, John Wood. Ian would come home telling me all about him, his stories, and of course John’s experience within the TV industry.

So when I was heading over to the college that night, I was slightly nervous at meeting someone so well known within the industry, and of course, taking his photo! (Yikes!).

As it happened, once I arrived and met John, I was relieved. Humerous, polite and extremely welcoming, John asked me if I would like to join the students for the rest of his lecture, and document the remainder of the evening. I was slightly nervous – but decided to embrace the opportunity!

It was only then that I realised why Ian came home from John’s lectures inspired and with so much respect for him.

I sat myself in the corner of the room, and tried to be as invisible as possible – but everyone was completely aware that I was watching them and snapping away at John’s request. As I sat there watching various students present their work to John and the rest of the class, gaining invaluable feedback, I found myself hanging off his every word!

As he told stories about his experience within the industry, and the people he had worked with, I soon realised why Ian always looked forward to John’s lectures.

As I left at the end of the night, it was only right that I too got my own photo taken with John – courtesy of Ian!

I got a fantastic insight into the industry that Ian is now entering into, and a few weeks later when I needed some advice, John was on hand to offer help and encouragement – for which I am extremely grateful.

Happy Monday folks!