Being prepared…..

May 4th, 2012

The last two days of sunshine were very welcome after all the rain we’ve had – but then this afternoon it started raining….again! I don’t mind the rain, and if I’m dressed appropriately I quite like a rainy walk!

….but sometimes you just want the sun to shine.

A few weeks ago, the sun was shining brightly, the skies were bright blue and white fluffy clouds were floating along.

Where possible, I like to check out new shooting locations. I like to be ‘prepared’, find the best places to shoot and be familiar with my surroundings. Not only does it save time on the day of the shoot, but I feel I produce my best work when I have visuals in my mind.

Ian and I headed over to Avenham Park at Preston, so I could check it out for an upcoming shoot.

…there was this gorgeous Japanese style garden

….and loads of flowers for me to photograph as well, so I was in my element!

There was also lots of park noise for Ian to record. So Ian sat in the middle of a field…..

….while I explored my surroundings.

Unfortunately, the following week when the shoot was to take place, the heavens opened and the shoot was called off! 🙁

Hopefully it will be rescheduled in the next few weeks, as I’m really looking forward to shooting in the Japenese garden.

Happy Friday !