Weekly round up….

May 5th, 2012

Soooooo, what’s been happening this week I hear you ask?!

Well…..my week started out a bit rubbish. I managed to trap something in my shoulder on Sunday morning – which meant I was in extreme pain and couldn’t move very well. So I eased myself into the week with painkillers, gentle stretches, the latest edition of Traveller magazine, and a BIG mug of spearmint green tea….!

Luckily by Monday my shoulder had eased up a lot, because I was going on a bit of a secret mission with Luke Sutton of The Right Luke. All will be revealed in the June issue of Northern Life magazine.

I also did more editing on the images from last week’s shoot. I can’t wait for the whole shoot and venue to be released!

On Wednesday night I had an unexpected trip to the Trafford Centre. While I was there I decided to head into Superdry to treat myself – the lighting in the changing rooms was SO unflattering!

The nice lady at Pets at Home gave me a free cardboard birdy house when I went in to buy bird seed. I’m just not quite sure where in the garden it can go….

There have been some pretty good sunsets just lately. Luckily with my office being at the back of the house I get to see them out of my window…..

On Thursday night while looking through some old images, I stumbled upon the folders from our Australia and New Zealand trip. Looking at this image just whisks me back to being stood on the harbour on a warm spring night, and Ian getting restless because I kept saying, “Just one more shot……” (Yeah right!).

On his way home from work yesterday, Ian picked me up a blueberry skinny muffin and spearmint green tea. Nom, nom, nom. He knows how to treat his wifey!!

Last night we watched ‘Drive’. I didn’t really know what to expect – so when I watch something not having any expectations, I’m always pleasantly suprised when it turns out to be enjoyable. ….well, I LOVED it actually…

Also this week…..

Rachael over at ‘A Good Old Knees Up‘ featured me on her wedding blog. Please head over and check it out….

I had a lovely call from John Wood about Mondays post ‘Expect the unexpected

….and a lovely email from SSR regarding the same post.

I also had a lovely wedding consultation this morning. What a good way to start a weekend !

So all in all, this week has been quite lovely !

I hope you all have a ‘lovely’ Bank Holiday weekend – what are your plans? Mine include pizza and a movie tonight, followed by a drive out and a stroll somewhere tomorrow !

Happy Saturday !