Operation vegetable {week 8}

May 6th, 2012

I’m starting to get quite impatient now ! I just want all the veg to grow faster so we can start to benefit from it and actually eat it !

In all fairness though – things are starting to look

pretty good. The spring onions are doing reeeeeeally well….

….and the spinach and pak choi are still doing okay as well.

…..more spring onions

…..we planted some onion bulbs the other week, and they are starting to do pretty well now also.

All of the strawberry plants are starting to flower now, so I can’t wait until these are ready to eat. Nom, nom, nom !

The broccoli is pretty much at stalemate ! I think we’ve left it too long – some of it is starting to flower – which I think means once we’ve taken off the remainder, it won’t grow anymore until next year 🙁

Inside the house, the courgette plants have gone mental ! They’re ready to be re-potted and put outside now….

The spring onions haven’t done a lot recently – I think maybe they could be moved outside now as well.

….the other chilli plants and smaller courgettes, just seem to be plodding along !

Does anyone else have a little vegetable patch going on ? Maybe you’re a more seasoned gardener and can offer some advice…..?!

Happy Sunday !