#Instagram Junkie

May 23rd, 2012

Okay I admit it. I’ve turned into an Instagram junkie.

Last year I started the ‘Day by Day’ project – which was basically taking ‘A photo a day’. I started with a month just to see how I got on. I kind of liked it, so I continued for another month. I kind of liked that too, so I decided to continue indefinitely, and called the project ‘Day by Day’. In the end it became like a chore. If I was busy and missed a day, I would try to catch up and take two images the next day. But sometimes I ended up missing 4 or maybe 5 days in a row. It was stupid to put so much pressure on myself over a project really.

In the end though, I just wasn’t enjoying it or feeling inspired.

I always have a camera in my bag – just in case. But lately, I’ve been choosing using my phone and Instagram over my ‘real’ camera. Mainly because it’s so accessible. I take a photo, choose my edit, then upload to Facebook or Twitter – or both! I’m not sure whether this is a good or bad thing. Last year I would feel pressure to photograph something everyday, but now, if I see something I kind of like, I photograph it. If I don’t, then I erm…..don’t! Don’t get me wrong, if I head out on an adventure, then I pick up my camera and grab my favourite lenses ready to take in my surroundings – but  as far as documenting everyday life is concerned, it appears Instagram is my weapon of choice at the moment.

It’s even made me want to  take the odd self-portrait – well – if you can call it that. I hate being in front of the camera, yet twice in the past couple of weeks I’ve decided to turn the camera on myself – part of me thinks this is actually a good thing. Although I do need to learn how to smile more !

So this post is a collection of images taken by an Instagram junkie over the past couple of weeks…….

It’s amazing how many more images I take now that I’ve taken the pressure off myself.

Happy Wednesday !