Weekly round up….

June 2nd, 2012

I love to blog. It gives me the chance to share what I’ve been up to, and sometimes get things off my chest. It’s like free therapy!

But these past few weeks, I feel like my blog has been really suffering. I know that sometimes, other things have to take priority, but it doesn’t change the fact that something else has to suffer in return. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I should be able to get things up and running properly. But for now, here’s my weekly round up 🙂

Last Sunday I was involved in a Prom shoot, which was to help promote some new photography packages. If you have your Prom coming up, please get in touch as Prom parties and Prom fashion shoots are now available. Click here for further details.

Natalie of Roberts-Steel Hairdressing working her magic, and giving Katie the full superstar treatment ! RT Productions filmed the whole day, and I can’t wait to share the video with you !

So apart from spending a lot of my time editing Prom images…..I’ve been drinking lots of Starbucks (for a change!).

After meeting my friend Ste for a quick lunchtime brew earlier in the week, I decided to do the wifely duty and take a soya latte home for Ian. Approximately 5 years behind Starbucks in America, the UK has finally decided to add the personal touch by asking your name for take-away drinks, and I was super impressed that they managed to get my name right ! When we went to Las Vegas to get married, I was still travelling under my maiden name of Wild, and somehow during the course of the trip I managed to go from Lorna Wild to Lorla Quille ?!?!

It was my birthday on Wednesday and I was super impressed to find that Ian had bought me my very own Starbucks mug ! High five to Ian ! 🙂

Although we had already been to the Lakes the week before, I decided I wanted to go again. The day didn’t get off to the best start due to a vehicle fire on the M6, so we didn’t get there until lunchtime. But once we arrived, it was all okay. Lunch, followed a birthday doughnut…..Nom, nom. nom…..

……followed by a walk. There was a bit of a difference to the blue skies we had the week before – but I didn’t care ! The Lake District is stunning no matter what the weather….

Ambleside preparing for the Jubilee weekend…..

…..also this week

This speech by Neil Gaiman is very inspiring and deserves a watch.

Happy Saturday !