A break from the norm…..

July 17th, 2012

Back in May I was lucky enough to get the chance to shoot stills for a music video. I know! Cool right?!

It was a brilliant day and I loved every second. It wasn’t just the fact that it was a bit different from what I normally do. I loved the fact that it challenged me. Working in such diverse, low light conditions, challenged me as a photographer, and how I use my camera.

The video was styled by Suzanne Bolton, who I met on a film shoot earlier in the year. I still haven’t blogged that yet – so look out for that soon!

Music photography is something I’ve dabbled in a few times over the past year or so, and I would LOVE to do more.  So please remember I’m available for other things as well as weddings! ;)

Happy Tuesday ! :)


  1. ste says:

    Something different and challenging!!! Great images and blog!! :) xx

    1. Lorna says:

      Thanks Ste! It certainly made a change! xx