Owen Parker: Part II……

July 25th, 2012

I realise things have been pretty quiet on the blog recently, but that’s because I’m back on set shooting stills for Owen Parker the Movie. We’ve got a fantastic location and everything is going really well…..

I actually got to climb on top of here the other day to do some shooting !

The place where we’re filming is a crazy quirky place, with amazing views and hidden statues all over the place…..

……you didn’t think I’d go without Starbucks while I’m shooting did you?! Tsk!

The weather has been stunning for most of the time, so I’ve had chance to play around…….in between working of course !

The house we’re in will be 200 years old next year. The style of wallpaper and furniture fit the house perfectly…..

The man himself: Owen Parker played by Phil Broadbent

Tea break…..

Dolly track……

……clapper board filled out and ready to start shooting!

More to come soon…..

Happy Wednesday ! 🙂