Bal and Kit's Vibrant Wedding

June 21st, 2010

On 12th June I was lucky enough to photograph a beautiful, vibrant wedding to celebrate the marriage of Bal and Kit. I had an early start to the day, (4am to be exact) as I had to be over at Kit’s house for 6am to photograph him getting ready for his big day. The house was buzzing with family members running around trying to get everything ready and some of them hadn’t even been to bed the night before!

The wedding itself was so colourful and beautiful, seeing the two families come together and watching traditions unfold before my eyes was truly amazing. I’m glad I had the opportunity to document the start of their life together and I wish Bal and Kit every happiness for the future.

As for me, my day didn’t start off brilliantly when I realised part way to Kit’s house that I had left my favourite lens in the hotel room – D’oh! When I discovered I had the wrong number for the hotel, I called my husband in a blind panic at 5.30am on a Saturday morning to get on the case and contact the hotel! Luckily it was still in the hotel room and the Reception Manager locked it away in a safe for me – the trouble was, after the wedding I had to drive back across London to collect it before driving back home! Oh well – you live and learn…..