September 22nd, 2010

Some days I feel like I just want to escape. You know the feeling, nothing seems to be going right, things are taking longer than expected and slowly you start to spiral…’s like a snowball rolling down a hill and picking up speed at an obscene rate!!

The past year has been pretty tough, but with the help of a few special people, I’ve got through it and I suppose I’m stronger for it. Some days when the inspiration is missing and motivation is non-existent, I’ve felt like giving up and other days I’ve just wanted to bury my head and ignore everything that’s been going on around me. It’s days like this when I want to escape, be anywhere else but here…..but then even if I was somewhere else, the same problems would still be there and I’d still have to deal with them! Damn!

On the days I want to escape (like today!), I think of far away places, somewhere that holds happy memories where nothing ever goes wrong and I can just “be”…….At the moment I’m thinking back to the month long trip around Australia and New Zealand that took place last November. I think at the time Ian and I didn’t really appreciate it as much as we should have done… was so exhilarating, dashing around all over the place experiencing so many different things that I don’t think we had time to stop and take everything in.

It was a truly amazing trip and today my head is filled with memories of feeling the warm sun in Oz and skydiving in New Zealand – today this is my escape……The beauty of Sydney Harbour by night and the exhilarating thrill of jumping 12,000ft out of a plane in Queenstown. Escape doesn’t get any better than this….

PS Thanks guys for getting me through the past year – you’re my world x