Rachel and Stuart {wedding day}

January 17th, 2013

Crikey! I can’t believe I’ve only just got around to posting this wedding. Last May – yep, that’s right – May 2012, Rachel and Stuart were married at the beautiful Hillbark Hotel. Stepping in at the last minute to help out Matt Bowen, I headed over to shoot Stuart and his groomsmen getting ready. Like with most groom prep, when I arrived all the guys were nearly ready, which meant I mostly got to hang out in the pub watching them drink, dance, (yes, dance) and deal with sunburn…..

….with Rachel and Stuart both being music junkies, they named each table after different bands, and as Stuart couldn’t decide between them, he had two best men, which also meant two best man speeches…… all I can say is, I was giggling so much, I’m surprised I managed to hold my camera still to focus!

I know it’s a bit late (but better late then never, eh?)……

Also, a big thank you to Matt for having me along to shoot with him.