…..365 project

February 17th, 2013

………okay, so far, so good – up to yesterday, my 365 project was still going strong ;). I just need a better name for it…..

Anyway……here are days 4 to 16. You can see days 1 to 3 here.

Day 4:

Last week I headed over to photograph the final rehearsal of Titus Andronicus by PurpleCoat Productions.

Titus Andronicus

Day 5:

I’m a sucker for comfy socks. These are my very favourite bedtime socks! 🙂

Day 6:

I did a fabulous boudoir shoot with Natalie of Roberts-Steel Hairdressing. If you’re looking for a boudoir shoot, or you want to buy a session as a gift, then please get in touch

Day 7:

I’m totally obsessed with Nasi Goreng at the moment – it literally means ‘fried rice’ in Indonesian. But it’s super yummy. I beg Ian to make it nearly every lunch time.

Day 8:

I’m not sure how old you need to be to have a mid-life crisis. But I’ve taken up felting – or rather making things from felt – not making the actual felt! I have trouble switching off, so instead of sitting at my computer when I should be relaxing, I’ve started making things. I get to be creative (something I’ve been missing terribly lately), and it’s more relaxing than being at my computer. As much as I love photography, I sometimes find it difficult to do it as a my job and then find the inspiration to go out into the cold to work on personal projects.

Day 9:

The finished article! I have no idea what I’m going to do with everything that I’ll end up making……

Day 10:

Project piggy……

Day 11:

My first official shopping trip to Lush. I’ve been in before with friends, but never bought anything. My diet is leaning closer towards vegan these days, so I’m getting more and more aware of the products that I use. As things run out I’m replacing them with animal friendly products……

Day 12:

My shampoo (L) and conditioner (R) from Lush. Much as I love the fact that no animals have been harmed during the washing of my hair, I can’t get past the fact that I’m now washing my hair with soap….. I also can’t get past the smell. I was kinda hoping the name Lush was to do with the smell, but unfortunately not. Pass the sick bag please…….it should be called Grim

Day 13:

…..more fun with felt 🙂

Day 14:

Being very particular about the tea that I drink, I have to order it online. On Thursday my bulk order finally arrived – hopefully it will keep me going for a while 🙂

Day 15:

I had a fab pre-wed shoot with Catherine (of Ivy Clara Make-up & Styling) and Dave. We headed out into Manchester and did an urban shoot which was so much fun! I’m really looking forward to shooting their beach wedding in Newquay later in the year!

Day 16:

Ian was the sound technician on a show over at the Ace Centre in Nelson. Ste and I went along to watch….

Happy Sunday! 🙂