…..365 project {days 37 to 43}

March 15th, 2013

Day 37:

Mum and Dad had everyone over for Mothers Day. Smudgie has a towel near the back door for when he comes in out of the rain, he runs straight onto it and waits for someone to dry him – it’s normally my Dad. He gets dried off, has his paws dried and then he gets wrapped up in the towel – which he loves! He lies there for ages getting fussed, and if you stop the fussing, he meows at you and taps your arm with his paw until you continue……

Day 38:

…. one of my recent felting creations – a bear! I only realised after he was finished that I didn’t give him a mouth!

Day 39:

Ste got me a subscription to National Geographic Traveller UK for my birthday last year. I’m like a kid at Christmas everytime it arrives…..

Day 40:

When I got home from yoga the other day, the sun was creating brilliant spectrums of light on the walls throughout the house….

Day 41:

More felting, crafting creations. I’m really getting into it now!

Day 42:

There are so many things that hold me back. I’m my own worst enemy. This week I’ve been re-evaluating a lot of things. I have this card on my noticeboard and yesterday this quote just jumped out at me – never has it felt more important or valid than it does right now…..

Day 43:

A rainbow from earlier on – there was actually two, but I wasn’t able to capture them both being in the car…..! I was the passenger by the way, not the driver 😉

Happy Friday! 🙂