365 project {days 59 to 70}

April 12th, 2013

I intended on posting this last weekend, but I was having some issues with my blog – better late than never though, eh?

Day 59 – Exploring:

It was one of those Sundays where Ian and I were both feeling a bit yucky, so we decided to head out for a walk and a bit of an explore. There’s a building I discovered last month and on Sunday I finally got to go and take a look…. You can see the full blog post ——–> here

Derelict building, Urban exploration

Day 60 – Adventure:

Easter Monday = Adventure Monday. Ian and I got up early…. (4.30am – gulp!), and headed to Delamere Forest. Ian wanted to record birdies and wildlife, and I was hoping for a gorgeous sunrise. Unfortunately it was too cloudy for the sunrise, but when the sun peeked out later on I got some lovely woodland shots….

Delamere forest, woodland

Day 61 – Review:

After we’d had the adventure part of our Easter Monday, we headed to Cheshire Oaks, grabbed some tea and toast at Starbucks, then sat down to review our business goals. On 1st January we sat down and wrote out or goals for the next three months – 1st April meant it was time to review them. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I’d actually done. It was also interesting to see how my ideas had changed within the last three months. Some of the things I wanted to focus on in January weren’t necessarily where my heart belonged now…. All I can say is the next few months are going to be really important for me and my business and I have lots to do….

business goals, business review, photography review, photography goals,

Day 62 – Chamomile at bedtime:

Wednesday night and Ian was at work which meant blissful alone time with my kindle, and a cup of chamomile tea before bedtime 🙂

Starbucks, Starbucks chamomile tea, relaxation

Day 63 – Africa:

I was at Ste’s house on Thursday night when I realised that I hadn’t taken my photo. We were watching Africa, (the best bits), and the scrapping frogs reminded me of when I was a kid, and me and my older brother used to have ‘foot fights’…..

frogs, Africa

Day 64 – Inspiration:

Ideal Home Magazine – bought for some interior inspiration

Ideal Home Magazine, interior design inspiration

Day 65 – Take-away:

We ended up having a crafty Saturday night take-away. We went in and ordered it and then went across the way to Starbucks to wait for it…..

Starbucks smoothie

Day 66 – Relaxation:

Ian and I headed out to Rudyard Lake for a bit of a wander. We had soup, and tea, and then sat and watched the boats while discussing our plans for the next few months….

Rudyward Lake, boats, water

Day 67 – Munchies:

….I couldn’t stop thinking about vegan brownies on Sunday – eventually I gave in and made some

vegan brownies

Day 68 – Sunset:

Ian and I headed to the Trafford Centre to meet Ste – just as we arrived the last of the sun was starting to disappear…

Day 69 – Up:

I attended an architectural photography seminar with Richard Southall. After the classroom part, we headed to the Urbis building in Mancester city centre…. It was a really inspiring day…..

Urbis, Manchester, Architectural Photography

Day 70 – Bedtime:

….a bit of a poor attempt today I’m afraid. I was literally crawling into bed when I realised that I hadn’t taken today’s shot and the closest thing to me was my glass of water!

glass of water

Happy Friday ! 🙂