….boudoir photography {Natalie}

February 10th, 2014

Natalie and I have been working together on boudoir shoots for a year now. She does the hair and make-up of each client making sure they get fully pampered before their photoshoot. She also helps to calm any last minute nerves that may arise before getting in front of the camera.

But what happens when you’re doing your own hair and make-up and have last minute nerves of your own……?

After telling so many women that having a boudoir shoot is such an amazing experience, a couple of weeks ago Natalie decided it was about time to put her money where her mouth is and get in front of the camera….

For me, it was something I’d done many times before, but for Natalie, it was something bigger. We chatted and giggled as friends do, especially when I nearly fell off her water bed! But it wasn’t until I read Natalie’s blog post about the whole experience that I got a real insight into what thoughts actually arise before and after a boudoir shoot….

If you’d like a boudoir shoot like Natalie had, then don’t be shy – get in touch! Please don’t worry about your images being shared, that only happens if you consent to them being used.

Here are some shots from the day, once you’ve looked through them please head over to Natalie’s blog and check out her thoughts on the whole experience….

Happy Monday! x