Scarecrow Obsession!

June 22nd, 2010

There are days like today, when I return home from a little photography “expedition”, and know that I’ve had a good day. I know it’s been a good day for a few of reasons:

  1. I’ve run out of food
  2. I look at my watch and suddenly realise 4 1/2 hours have gone by and I hadn’t even noticed 
  3. I come home a bit grubby from where I’ve been crawling around on the floor to get the shot that I want!

So today was a day well spent. When I realised how glorious the weather was going to be today I set off to Tatton Park eager to explore the gardens. They were absolutely stunning, in full bloom and so much to photograph. Today I was very taken by all the flowers and the erm….scarecrows! Now, that might sound a bit odd – but somehow I managed to reach the age of 32 without ever seeing a scarecrow, up until about 6 weeks ago…..and now its like I’ve developed an obsession! So when I saw just how many scarecrows were out and about at Tatton, I was in my element!

The other things that fascinated me today, were the big wooden rocking horse in the middle of the field and an abandonded teddy bear. I love finding things like that – something so precious to someone, yet somehow it either ends up lost or discarded. It seems such a shame. So I had to photograph it – I always do when I come across something like that…..

So that was my day really…..very pleasant and very productive, with many scarecrows to satisfy my scarecrow obsession!