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2013 Review

December 27th, 2013

It’s that time of year again where I get to look back and reflect on what was good, what was bad and what was really, really ugly. Truth be told, 2013 has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride with many ups and downs. The first part of the year was quite difficult as I’d been struggling with my health, and although it was something I didn’t broadcast I was conscious that my business wasn’t moving as fast I wanted. I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and unfortunately two doctors had missed it, so for three years my symptoms had been growing to the point where I just couldn’t function. I never realised that left untreated it could cause so many problems. I’d got to the point where I just thought I was suffering from stress and also generally being a bit mardy! When I was finally diagnosed it was like a huge weight had been lifted – mainly because I realised I wasn’t being mardy AND it was treatable. High fives all round! By the middle of the year when my medication had kicked in I was finally starting to feel like myself again. This was also the point where I started to push my business in a whole new direction.

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Property Photography {Maltkiln Cottage}

December 2nd, 2013

Earlier in the year Ian and I had the pleasure of photographing Maltkiln Cottage. A lovely one bedroomed self-catering property at Crook Hall Farm in Ormskirk, the farm is owned by Cliff and Claire Martland. With a variety of animals on the farm including chickens that you can feed, you will fall in love with the place! You’ll be greeted by their three dogs (three different generations of the same family), who are as welcoming as Claire and Cliff. And if fishing is your thing, they also have fishing lakes available.

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… photography

October 1st, 2013

I’ve been quite lucky with some of the places I’ve shot this year. Here are some images from a recent property shoot in sunny Wales.

Brookway Lodge has 8 bedrooms, sleeps 18 people and comes complete with a games room and swimming pool. Anyone fancy a game of table tennis or a dip in the pool……?


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….take a chance on me

September 10th, 2013

….last month I posted a status update on Facebook that read: ‘……sometimes all you need is one person to take a chance on you, and when they do, it opens up a whole world of possibilities’. A fair few people hit the old ‘Like’ button, and it’s something that I’ve been thinking quite a lot about recently. (The status, not the likes, although they were much appreciated!)

In one way, the status was quite cryptic, as in what I was referring to. In other ways it was quite obvious, because sometimes, that’s all it takes – just one person to believe in you and take a chance on you. And I think many people can relate to that.

When I approached Jennie with information about my photography services for her luxury apartment in Manchester, she felt her property would sell better using video. At that time, I had one video in my portfolio. Something completely unrelated to property. It was a nightclub video that Ian and I had shot last year. She asked to see it, and I sent it to her. At first I thought I’d blown it, because watching a bunch of people glowsticking on a Saturday night in Blackpool was something so far removed from what she wanted. But Jennie could see that between Ian and myself we had the skills, along with a whole bunch of ideas of what we could offer her. I told her we could do it, that we could give her what she wanted…..and she took a chance. Without going too much into Team America mode, the night that I wrote that Facebook status, I was feeling pretty grateful for a lot of things. One of which, was that someone had been willing to take a chance on me. And as it happened, Jennie realised she needed photography and video to sell her property with…..

Off the back of this one video alone, we’ve booked multiple jobs, and I’m super happy to announce the launch of this new product. Working together, I will be doing the filming, while Ian works on the post production side of things. There are also other projects that we’re currently working on that will be revealed in the next couple of months hopefully. I realise that the blog has been a little quiet lately, but that’s because I’ve been busy beavering away in the background.

Introductory rates are available on the property video until the middle of October 2013, so please feel free to give me a call to discuss your requirements. We also have packages available that combine photography and video as you may realise that your property will benefit from both, just like Jennie did.

……enjoy 🙂

Happy Tuesday 🙂


Titus Andronicus {theatre stills}

February 13th, 2013

Last week saw another sell out show from PurpleCoat Productions. This time, it was Titus Andronicus at Unity Theatre in Liverpool. The day before the show opened I headed over to take some photos of the final rehearsal.

You can see photos of their previous show here ——–> The Rise and Fall of Little Voice.

If you require a stills photographer for any of your projects, large or small, please get in touch. You can see examples of my stills photography for film / TV on my dedicated stills website. You can also view my profile on Film and TV Pro.


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Business headshots {Roberts Steel Hairdressing}

January 25th, 2013

Last week I headed over to Preston to shoot some business headshots for the team at Roberts Steel Hairdressing. We had a brew and a chat while all the girls ran round doing their hair and make-up preparing for their close up! It was all very relaxed – which is how it should feel when having your photo taken.

Business headshots are a fantastic way to help promote your business and make it more approachable. It gives potential clients the chance to see your team of friendly faces before they even pick up the phone to call you.

For a shoot at your chosen location, prices start from £85. Please contact me for further information or to discuss your requirements: or 07583 230648

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2012 Review……

December 22nd, 2012

So here we are, 2012 is drawing to a close which can only mean one thing – my end of year review. I’ve had an amazing year and I’ve had the pleasure of working with some fantastic people on a range of equally fantastic projects. I’ve made some lovely new friends, and not just on Facebook and Twitter but in real life too! I know! 🙂 I’ve also had the opportunity to be part of some amazing weddings and I’ve met some truly brilliant people. If I could high five everyone I’ve had the pleasure of working with this year, I would. But you’ll all have to settle for a virtual chest bump instead! Thanks for a brilliant year – I’m looking forward to working on some new projects in 2013 ! 🙂 In no particular order, here is my year in images……

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Property Photography

October 31st, 2012

One thing I don’t always blog about is commercial work. I’m not too sure why – perhaps because it seems quite far removed from my other work. But today, I thought I would share some of that work with you. I have a diploma in Interior Design, so it’s only fitting that property photography is a part of my portfolio. I get involved in various projects ranging from renovation work, to new build properties to luxury hotel rooms. Below is just a small selection.

If you require any photography to showcase your property, whether you are a construction company, a hotel manager, or a home owner looking to sell or rent your house, please get in touch for a quote. Tel: 07583 230648 or Email:

Shop ’til you drop…..

June 19th, 2012

Most people who know me, will be aware that spending the day shopping isn’t really my idea of fun. Casually meandering around the shops? Perhaps. Item specific shopping? Nooooooooo. But documenting a shopping trip, with no pressure to buy anything for myself? Very enjoyable actually.

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Weekly round up….

June 16th, 2012

….or more like ‘fortnightly round up’! I didn’t get chance to blog last Saturday, so here is a taster of what I’ve been up to over the past couple of weeks.

I spent most of my time on set shooting stills for ‘Owen Parker the movie’. It was cold and rainy, but the fun and banter bewteen cast and crew made it all worthwhile. We had an amazing team who all pulled together to make the most out of a less than perfect weather situation !

Amanda Hennessy and Phil Broadbent, AKA ‘Marilyn and Owen’

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