Some swans, a handwarmer, and self-portraiture #fail

February 3rd, 2012

In cold weather, I’ve been known to wear two pairs of gloves when going out shooting. However, any photographer will know that this really isn’t practical! Not to be a total girl or anything, but I always get really cold fingers…..

…..So, my day started out with Ian showing me how to use my new Zippo handwarmer ———->

He bought it for me the other week, to take out with me on days I’m shooting in the cold….and when it’s not in use, I stick it in my pocket to generate heat and keep me warm :)

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Family fun at Dunham Massey

July 17th, 2011

A few weeks ago I did a family shoot with Glenn, Nic and little Josh. We started off in the comfort of their own home……

…….and then moved onto Dunham Massey. It’s such a brilliant place – I love it there! The weather started off really grim….to the point that we had to sit in the car for 15 minutes while we waited for the rain to stop. But once the clouds parted, the sun appeared and Josh was able to go and feed the ducks and look at some deer (or rather reindeer)!

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Dunham Delights

March 10th, 2011

Chrissy and I have known each other for a loooooooong time; nearly 14 years actually. Like many friends we’ve shared many highs and lows and we even lived together for a couple of years. We probably don’t see each other as much as we should, as life easily gets in the way. But when we do see each other we could quite easily be 19 again, giggling away like children and laughing at things no-one else would find funny……

So when Chrissy asked me to do a photoshoot for her of course I jumped at the chance; but then somehow I agreed to have one done as well. (I’m still quite unsure how that happened). Anyway, we both hate having our photograph taken, yet both being photographer’s we also realise that we need to appreciate how it feels to be on the other side of the camera. Oh and we need images for our websites as well! On Saturday we headed to Dunham Massey. It was freezing. Chrissy suffered for her art and got changed into a lovely summer dress. I however refused to get changed and stayed as wrapped up as warm as possible.

We had a brilliant day and somehow I agreed to do another shoot when the weather gets warmer – between now and then I’m going to try and get comfortable in front of the camera. But for now, here is a small selection of some of my favourite images from the day. I hope you like themChrissy!

Please visit Chrissy at her blog as I’m sure you’ll find a sneak peek of Chrissy’s version of events…….!