The attention span of a goldfish…..

November 1st, 2011

I’m easily distracted. I sometimes have to be prompted to finish my sentences. I daydream. A lot. According to Ian, I have the attention span of a goldfish. After all these years, I’m still looking for a compliment, that must be hidden within that statement.

As I sit here looking through photo’s and trying to clear out my Lightroom catalogue, I’m listening to Read more »

What happens in Vegas {Part III}

August 12th, 2011

So this is the final part of ‘What happens in Vegas’ a guide to getting married in Las Vegas, based on my own personal experience…..if you missed the previous posts, you can catch up here —-> Part I and Part II

Flowers: The flowers were arranged by the chapel, and this is quite common. For us, the groom’s boutonniere along with the brides ten rose custom bouquet was included, but as lilies are my favourite flowers, I upgraded to the oriental lily mix bouquet. I wasn’t disappointed, they were absolutely stunning. I was so gutted when I had to leave them in the hotel room when we left Vegas, but we couldn’t really take them with us on our road trip, it would have been silly!

My lovely flowers a few days old…..

Marriage Licence: You don’t need to apply for this until you arrive. Available from Clark County Clerks Marriage Bureau, at the time of writing this the price is $60. You must have sufficient ID with you; birth certificate and passport are fine, but BOTH of you must appear in person and the licence is valid for one year from the date it is issued. As Las Vegas holds over 100,000 a year (about 315 per day!), you can imagine how busy the Marriage Bureau gets. You can now Read more »

Being a rubbish geek…..

August 11th, 2011

As a photographer, I get giddy about lenses, camera bags, and other things that could possibly be described as geeky. Not massively you understand. But never the less, the giddiness is there.

My favourite lens for the past year has been the 50mm 1.8. I love the shallow depth Read more »

Lost in my own little world…..

June 23rd, 2011

There is nothing I like better than grabbing my camera and heading out into the sunshine. The weather has been pretty grim just lately, but as the sun finally appeared this afternoon, I started thinking about places I’ve visited over the past couple of months.

I love getting lost in my own little world, where I wander around with my camera and zone everything else out. Nothing else matters…..

When I’m on my own, that’s good, but when I’m with other people, I get conscious of the fact that they are just stood around waiting for me, Read more »

Day by Day {days 99 to 105}

June 12th, 2011

Day 99: I saw this small gerbera daisy plant in Tesco and couldn’t resist it. My office really needed brightening up a bit so this was perfect……

Day 100: 100 days of photos – wow! Anyway, I took a photo of this courgette last week, but I can’t believe how much it’s grown! I think the progress of this might become a regular feature…..

Day 101: Apocalypse Now is a film that Ian has raved about for years, but for some reason I never fancied it. Tonight, there were special screenings at various cinemas so we went along to see it. I can’t believe I didn’t watch it sooner. I really enjoyed it and I’m glad that the first time I saw it was on the big screen. However, parts of the film were so loud, it was actually painful….next time we go the the cinema, we need to get there early enough to get a seat somewhere other than the second row….

Day 102: Whenever it’s time for my birthday or Christmas, you can guarantee that I’ll ask for at least one magazine subscription. This is the latest one. It was my birthday at the end of May, so now every month I get the National Geographic Traveller magazine landing on my door mat. Bliss. Total escape and ideas for the next big adventure.

Day 103: Realising that it was time for bed and I hadn’t taken my photo, I looked around the room for something to photograph. This policeman money box caught my eye….

Day 104: At the bottom of the garden whilst filling up the bird feeders, I noticed the evening sun shining through the trees…..

Day 105: Henry, one of my parents cats was being soft and wanting attention today. It would be silly not to have her as todays photo….

Day by Day {days 92 to 98}

June 4th, 2011

…the past 7 days in images!

Day 92: The sage plant at the front of the house is doing really well this year. It’s normally “covered in bees”….how very Eddie Izzard!

Day 93: A little bit of a cheat today – two photos, only because I think it’s so cute. We headed up to the Lakes today for my birthday and Sizergh Castle was the first port of call. Outside the gift shop was a range of garden accessories…..this birdhouse that used to be for sale has turned into a home for these lovely birdies. I had to wait patiently, but it paid off and I managed to get some photos of this little birdy shouting for food….

Day 94: The garden is in full bloom and looking stunning. I could spend hours out there taking photos…..

Day 95: I own one pair of heels that occasionally make an appearance. Heading out to Epernay Champagne bar for the Manchester Tweetup, I felt this was one occasion they deserved to be worn. I think my feet and ankles have only just forgiven me.

Day 96: My friend Jac’s popped round to wish me a happy belated birthday. The flowers she brought are gorgeous! Thank you! …and they include gerberas which I adore!

Day 97: Realising I hadn’t taken todays photo, Ian pointed out the sky at the back of the house…..I quickly grabbed my camera and took this. I really need to head out and try and get a decent sunset at some point….

Day 98: We’ve got fruit and veg plants taking over the kitchen and the garden. This is the courgette plant at the moment. It seems to be growing at a crazy speed…..

Day by Day {days 64 to 70}

May 8th, 2011

Day 64: I hate feet. All feet. Yet on Sunday night, when I got in from a meal at a lovely Indian restaurant, (which was washed down with equally as lovely draught Cobra), I was obsessed about taking a photo of my feet. I think mainly because the sun was shining and having my feet out felt oddly liberating…..but even as I’m posting this, I’m cringing…..because I hate feet so much!

Day 65: On a trip out to Hare Hill there were numerous things to take photos of….lots of flowers which I loved…but then I saw this scuplture and just knew that I wanted it as todays image….

Day 66: Okay, so my “Day by Day” project doesn’t particularly have any rules – apart from the fact that I’m supposed to take a photo each day. Unfortunately, or rather, fortunately (for me anyway!), I’ve been really busy over the past week and haven’t really had time to take any images. So for the next few images I’m posting up photos taken over the past few weeks. This one is of Paige who I shot a couple of weeks ago. It was such a glorious day & Paige was a dream to photograph…..

Day 67: The tulips were in full bloom at Biddulph Grange Garden a few weeks ago, I was in my element. They all looked so stunning in the amazing sunshine….

Day 68: Tulips – again! There were so many different colours and they all looked so beautiful. Biddulph Grange Garden was soaked in glorious colour…..

Day 69: One of my favourite studio shots from the showcase at Manchester College a few days ago. The level of talent was outstanding…..

Day 70: Another one of my favourite studio shots from the Manchester College Showcase. I normally use natural lighting for my photoshoots, so when I get to play around with something different, I really like it. There’s something about this shot that I really love….

Day by Day {Days 57 to 63}

May 1st, 2011

So the new name for my personal project of a photo a day is “Day by Day”…….

Here are the images from the last 7 days – {days 57 to 63}:

Day 57: I’d been determined all day that I wanted to head out and catch a sunset. This evening we decided to make a last minute dash to St Annes to catch an amazing sunset after a glorious day. In reality, it was really cold and the sunset was disappointing. This is Ste holding aloft his “Olympic Lucozade” bottle and shouting something random like “By the power of Lucozade”…..We
drove home shortly afterwards. I was cold and had sand in my trainers…..

Day 58: Ian and I decided to buy a mini green house….well, some kind of “grow bag” so we can start growing our own vegetables. Whilst mooching around Asda I found this plant pot in the shape of ladybird wellies….it made me smile….I may go back and buy it at some point.

Day 59: Ian had to go into Manchester for a tutorial at college, so I decided to go with him. We had a mooch around the shops and had lunch at Nandos. I love the veggie burgers here…..

Day 60: I did a model portfolio shoot this morning at Rivington Country Park. The weather looked a bit grim but it soon turned out to be absolutely glorious! Paige was an absolute dream to photograph, she’s such a beautiful girl. This is one of my favourite photo’s from the day. A big thanks to Paige and also to Jade Brady Make-up…..

Day 61: I bought some Gerberas for yesterdays photoshoot, but I only ended up using one of them. Unfortunately by the time all of them had been carried around in the sun for a couple of hours, they were slightly worse for wear….

Day 62: I was messing around with my extension tubes and Ian’s eye was the closest thing to experiment with.

Day 63: Being Bank Holiday weekend we decided to head out to Lyme Park for a few hours. The sun was strong but the wind was so cold! I took this towards the end of the day but I think I’m going to start banning sunglasses when I’m photographing people. Reflections do my head in big time…..

Staying local

April 30th, 2011

Last Friday, (Good Friday), Ian and I had the bright idea of treating it like a normal working day. We would catch up on work, be oh so smug, and then enjoy the rest of our weekend. It didn’t really turn out that way though, and in hindsight it was silly to try and treat it like “another working day”.

It’s difficult when you work for yourself, everyday seems to blend into the next and bank holidays become just a continuation of the week. You feel like you should always be doing “something”; a break almost feels like a luxury. Something I feel like I have to “deserve” almost, but after lunch we were both brain dead and I was just sat staring out of the window into the glorious sunshine outside.

Ian and I stumbled upon our current house about 6 1/2 years ago, it was a new housing estate and back then, our house was just a plot! It was exciting to see it getting built from scratch, but we only ever thought about it as a stop gap. Buy it, move in, stay for a couple of years and then move somewhere else. We didn’t particularly “love” the area, but at the time, we just needed a step onto the housing ladder.

As we saw the area this way, we’ve never bothered to get to know it. Yes we know where the local take-aways are, and where Tesco is, but anything else? Nah! So last week we decided to check out the local park. I’d always had my reservations about it, but agreed with Ian that it was about time we checked it out. As it happened, we realised we really weren’t missing anything, the atmosphere wasn’t the friendliest; and we decided we weren’t particularly bothered about sticking around for very long…..!

Having said that, I managed to get some photos of some flowers, which seem to be my favourite things to photograph at the moment.

When I was younger, my Dad used to tell me that fairies lived in the bluebells (thanks Dad!), and when the wind blew we used to listen intently to try and hear them; so to this day,  I have a fondness of them….

From now on though, until we manage to move house, instead of exploring, I think we’ll just stick to the local take-away instead…..

28 days later – the last 7 days

April 9th, 2011

I’ve really enjoyed capturing images over the past week, especially the last few days. Just in case you missed them, here they are……

Day 36: Definitely not the best sunset I’ve ever captured! I’m not a landscape photographer by any means, but I love watching the sunrise and sunset, and I do my best at trying to capture them when I get the chance. On the way home from my Mums tonight, the sun was setting, but by the time we’d found somewhere to pull over, there wasn’t much left to capture…..

Day 37: I’ve just got home and as I was admiring the fish, I had the bright idea to take a photo of them. They’re a lot faster than I realised and everytime I went near them they went mental! I could watch them for hours swimming around, I find it really relaxing…..

Day 38: My favourite flowers are lilies. Ian came home with some yesterday “just because”…..I can’t wait until they open in a day or two….

Day 39: Whilst out and about at the Trafford Centre tonight, I saw this Dalek in River Island….Daleks don’t bother me – it’s Cybermen that freak me out!

Day 40: I love flowers and when I saw these flowers last weekend they made me smile. I was feeling a bit blue on Thursday so I went and bought some to cheer me up.

Day 41: This is Jack. He’s very loud and energetic. He always insists on bringing a present to anyone he likes. Yesterday he brought Ian and I a piece of cardboard followed by a fruit pastille!

Day 42: Walking along Worsley canal I saw these flowers. The sun was shining and all the flowers looked beautiful. I took many photos that I will probably turn into a blog at some point in the next week.