Travels {Lake Tekapo}

May 3rd, 2011

From Queenstown we drove to Lake Tekapo; it was only a stop over unfortunately on our way to Nelson Lakes. I was determined to see it though and make it part of our trip; I’d seen some stunning images in guide books and on the internet and I longed to see the bright turquoise waters.

It didn’t disappoint. As we pulled up at Lake Tekapo Scenic Resort, the bright blue water shone in the sun. It was glorious.

We checked in and then stood on the balcony of our apartment and looked out towards the snow capped mountains. The landscape of the South Island of New Zealand, blew me away.

The drive from Queenstown to Lake Tekapo was filled with the most beautiful landscape I’d ever seen, and now here we were, looking out across Lake Tekapo, admiring it in all it’s beauty.

The Church of the Good Shepherd is situated on the edge of the lake, so we headed out to see if it was open, as the view from the altar window attracts many people from around the world. Unfortunately it was closed, but as we soon realised, we didn’t need a window to see the lake in all it’s glory, the views were stunning wherever we stood!

As I stood on the shores of Lake Tekapo I smiled to myself. The sun was shining, the water was the famous bright turquoise that I had longed to see and off in the distance I admired the snow capped mountains. It was a moment of disbelief where I wanted to pinch myself to check that I wasn’t dreaming…..

We headed back to the apartment, grabbed a cold beer, and sat on the balcony watching the sun go down…….

Next week: Nelson Lakes