The Final Haunting……..

November 6th, 2012

I LOVE shooting stills for film. There’s nothing quite like the buzz of being on set. Back in September I shot the production stills for a feature film trailer called ‘The Final Haunting’. The building where we shot was a bit spooky and apparently haunted – which was quite apt really! The upper part of the building hadn’t been refurbished yet so it was all in darkness – it was a bit eery but nothing particularly scary. Although I’m pretty sure if I had come face to face with anything I might have changed my mind ;). Hopefully the film should be going into production pretty soon – I’ll keep you posted.

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Owen Parker: Part III Day 3

August 8th, 2012


I can’t believe we’ve reached day 3 already! Things are going a little slow today due to some lighting issues. The bedroom where we’re filming is pretty small, so space is a bit tight. I’ve been grabbing a few stills where possible and also trying to photograph the ducks that live in the house where we’re filming. Well, they don’t live in the house, but in the garden at the back!
I managed to get the lovely Amanda Hennessy to pose for me today….lately she’s more accustomed to being a redhead while playing Marilyn, but today she appears to have acquired a blonde wig too!

….hopefully I’ll have more to report later.
Happy Wednesday ! 🙂

Owen Parker: Part III Day 2

August 7th, 2012


After a long day filming down in Staffordshire for Owen Parker , I’m finally home, fed, watered, in my jimmys and just getting set for bed, before doing it all again tomorrow.
We had indoor and outdoor scenes to film today, but unfortunately the outdoor scenes got rained off – this leaves us a bit behind schedule.
I can only hope the weather picks up from tomorrow.
There was a pretty feisty scene to
shoot today, but there were still plenty of giggles between takes – I’m pretty sure they’ll be some outakes leaked at some point in the future 😉
Time to upload today’s images now before heading upstairs to bed.

…..until tomorrow – nanight, sleep well!