….photo a day

February 3rd, 2013

Like many other photographers, I’ve tried (and failed) to do a ‘365 project’. I managed to reach day 238 and then I just gave up – it became a bit of a chore, and I found that missing days and then trying to catch up kind of defeated the object of taking a photo a day. Recently I’ve been wanting to start something again, so here goes, attempt number two at a ‘365 project’. I’m hoping in time I manage to come up with a more original name, but one thing at a time eh?!

Day 1:

When I look out of the bedroom window in a morning I’m greeted with the reflection of my house in the rear window of my car. There’s something about it I just like…..

House reflection in car window

Day 2:

Ian and I have been living in our current house for just over 8 years, and we have a local take-away that we’ve kind of adopted as our take-away. The staff are friendly, they know us well and whenever I phone up they only have to hear me say ‘hello’ to know who I am…. sometimes when we order something other than our ‘usual’, when we turn up to collect they’ve corrected the order as they think we’ve made a mistake! But occasionally, like with any take-away, we get a meal that doesn’t quite hit the spot and we’re left feeling disappointed. Friday night was one of those nights, so last night we decided we needed something to make up for our disappointment – we headed to our new local (ish) Indian and it certainly made up for the Cantonese we had the night before….

Indian take-away

Day 3:

This year I wanted to do more reading, so in January I decided that I would read at least one book a month. I get up in a morning and have breakfast, and then grab my book and read for an hour whilst drinking my green tea! It’s working out quite well. Last month I read Bill Bryson: Down Under, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and this month I’m reading ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’. I bought it last year, way before I saw the films but never got around to reading it……

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo book

…..so there we go – the first three days of my latest 365 project. I’ll try and post each day, but if I don’t get the chance I’ll post them at the end of each week…..

Happy Sunday !