Charlie Film {unit stills}

February 18th, 2013

……perhaps I’m a little bit behind with some of my blog posts – approx. a year maybe 😉

In March 2012 I got the chance to shoot production stills with an amazing group of people, on a project that had been in the works for quite some time. You can find further information about the project on the Charlie Film website.

If you have an upcoming project that you would like to discuss booking me as your stills photographer for, please get in touch.

You can see further examples of my stills photography for film / TV on my dedicated stills website, and you can also view my profile on Film and TV Pro.

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November 22nd, 2012

I can’t believe some of the things I haven’t blogged yet! Here’s a preview of what’s coming up over the next few weeks….

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Owen Parker: Part III Days 6 and 7

August 13th, 2012


Part III of filming Owen Parker is now over, although overall, we’re behind with shooting by a few days.
Day 6 of filming (Saturday), was interesting as I got to photograph a pig! When I was younger, I was pig mad; I loved them and collected anything to do with them, so Saturday was brilliant! Her name was Ninja and she was 7 years old.


I thought things would be more frantic, but Rob, Ninja’s owner carefully guided her round while tempting her with food. Pigs have really bad eyesight and rely a lot on their sense of smell, so it was interesting to watch Ninja slowly moving around.

In the build up to Saturday, the day was simply known as ‘pig day’. As it was pig day, there were no cast, just crew, so we managed an early finish and made the most of the nice weather and had a bbq.


We invited the residents of our shooting location, as a thank you for putting up with us and our filming! Everyone had been really welcoming, so it was only right to show our appreciation.

Yesterday, day 7, the weather was all over the place and completely unpredictable. At one point we got rained off; we had all gathered under umbrellas to try and wait it out, but in the end, we gave up and went for lunch.


Finally, after lunch, the sun made an appearance and we headed back out to continue shooting; we even managed to get an early finish!

Last night when Ian and I got home, it was good to kick back with a take-away and a cheeky Tsingtao, knowing we could have a lie in and take it easy this morning!

Look out for official photo’s of Owen Parker soon….

Happy Monday ! 🙂